The slow emergence of a painting surface, which is made of linseed oil, marble flour, shellac, beeswax, stains and sometimes embroidery, corresponds to growth, similar to the skin on which the image or subject gradually reveals itself layer by layer or peels out of the skin.
Oil surfaces saturated with marble powder are soaked with stain, dried, polished with oil and sifted again with marble powder.

Much is left to chance in the process of creation, confirmed in the growth, sometimes again in the removal.

Then what lies underneath, marked by the traces of treatment, emerges and blends into the picture.
These processes are time-consuming, the drying processes of the stains in the marble flour grounds lengthy, and so, in addition to the large-format works, smaller formats are often created, which take up the theme like marginal notes.
Over a longer period of time, the work concentrates on a content-related theme such as currently: under other circumstances, Seen before, been before or Naheferne Fernenähe

Kunstflüge Banegaarden Aabenraa